14 Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Rise N Shine Every Day

Jul 28, 2020

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning and say “I am beautiful.”
  2. Drink a glass of water at the start of your day before eating or drinking anything else. Continue this throughout your day by drinking a full glass of water before any snack or meal you eat.
  3. Set specific and realistic goals for yourself
  4. Have a buddy, who you can text or call for encouragement, who knows your goals and will hold you accountable, lovingly.
  5. Set aside time to specifically focus on you each day whether it’s for a 30 minute workout or 5 minutes of breath work and stretching. It is critical that you make this a priority for your overall mental health and physical fitness. You WILL be a better mom, sister, friend, neighbor, employee, etc when you have time for yourself.
  6. Set a few reminders on your phone to go off throughout the day to remind yourself to take 3 deep breaths. Let the stress and chaos of your day fade away for a few seconds in order to center your focus on what truly matters.
  7. When in doubt, choose to eat whole foods. These are foods that have only 1 ingredient. (Examples: blueberries, broccoli, potatoes, chicken, eggs, etc)
  8. 1 serving of your favorite snack or dessert during the day will not hurt your progress. Treat yourself in moderation. If you are concerned about your judgement of serving size, purchase a food scale and weigh it out.
  9. If you’re hungry, you will choose healthy options & feel energized. If you’re bored, you will crave something extremely specific & often overeat. Only eat when you are actually hungry.
  10. After you eat a filling meal, brush your teeth or gargle mouth wash. You most likely won’t have the desire to snack or overeat if you have a minty taste in your mouth.
  11. Plan ahead. Create a grocery list before you shop and only buy what’s on the list (your list can include a couple of your favorite treats, again, it is all about moderation, not starvation). Same goes for your meals. Plan out your meals for the day or week and stick to it.
  12. Encourage someone else at least once per day. Bringing joy to others will in turn bring you joy.
  13. Remind yourself that no one is perfect and all that matters is that you are proud of your own efforts.
  14. Before you hop into bed, finish your daily journal entry by writing something about yourself or about your day that made you smile.

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